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Welcome To Desert Streams Church! A Grace Filled Community

"For waters shall break forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert" (Isaiah 35:6 NRSV)

At Desert Streams Church, we offer you:
  • Opportunities to encounter a living God in dynamic, meaningful, relevant worship,
  • Occasions to explore and discover more about yourself, the world in which you live, and God
  • Small groups that are made up of people like you who want to experience deep fellowship and strong friendships in authentic community,
  • Ministries that allow you to give rather than simply to talk, and to discover a greater depth in life than merely making ends meet or existing until the end of the month.

Come! Experience the Waters of Desert Streams Church!

Why Desert Streams Church?

Click to Learn More About Desert Streams Ministries and our Community Center plans

“My God you feel so far away, I hear nothing but complaints, critiques, and condemnations. I’m scared that I’m going to lose this game of life. I feel empty inside— as dry as the desert sand.” (Psalm 22:1,6,12,17 paraphrase)
Have you ever, like the guy who wrote the words above, had "one of THOSE days"?
Have you found yourself in the middle of one of the huge Surprise parking lots called "Bell" or "Grand" and you are already fifteen minutes late for an important meeting.

You're supposed to pick up and drop off your children at two different locations, on different sides of the city, at the same time—and there's only one of you.

You've worked long and hard on a project at work, and received a big, fat "F" from your boss.

You try to juggle your job, spouse, children, friends, and some time for yourself—and you keep dropping one or more of the "balls."

You need to talk to someone — anyone — and maybe get a hug, but your friends are all too busy— and the earliest you can appear on "Dr. Phil" is in sixteen months.  
Sure you have. We all have—even in this great country called the United States.

But even if you're not plagued by THOSE days and everything is fantastic in your life, come to Desert Streams, too. We'll celebrate your achievements and God's blessings in your life. If things ever start to crumble, we'll be there to support you. After all, life is more than climbing to the top of the mountain. A full life is connecting with God and with others.


Welcome To Desert Streams Church

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